10:00am-11:00am (GMT) 21st June 2024

Building a People-First Accounting Firm with Stephen Paul

Stephen Paul founded Valued Accountancy in 2011 to redefine the accountant-client relationship. But he quickly adapted his entrepreneurial vision further: to create a 'lifestyle firm' and put quality family time as his top priority.

Achieving this meant giving his team autonomy in finding ideal clients aligned to Valued's people-first mission. Their "champion model" empowers the team to own different processes and software, resulting in world-class service delivery.

By removing bottlenecks and empowering the team, Stephen has created a firm that can consistently deliver exceptional service without him being indispensable.

In this webinar on 21 June at 10:00 (BST), Stephen Paul will share his insights on:

  • Valued's "secret sauce" for attracting ideal clients
  • How tools like GoProposal enable a people-focused approach
  • Removing yourself as a bottleneck to empower your team to help scale the firm


Practice Success Manager, GoProposal by Sage

Jack Choppin

As a Practice Success Manager at GoProposal by Sage, Jack works alongside accounting businesses to help revolutionise the way that they price their services and engage with their clients.

He has 7 years of experience working with accountants, showing them how they can bring confidence and consistency to their sales and compliance processes.

Founder, Valued

Stephen Paul

Stephen Paul is the founder of Valued Accountancy, a leading UK firm pioneering a people-first approach to accounting.

Valued was born from Stephen's vision to redefine the traditional accountant-client relationship. Stephen is passionate about sharing his entrepreneurial journey to inspire other accountants to build lifestyle practices aligned with their values.