12pm-12:30pm (GMT) 27th March 2024

Compliance 101: Compliance Nightmare to Compliance Confidence

Key Learnings

What if you could impress prospects with a proposal that stands out above the rest, then take them through an onboarding process that only takes minimal input from both parties?

Join Nabeel to learn:

  • The compliance solution designed to be easy enough for your most junior team member to use with your most complex client
  • How to be compliant with every client as a seamless part of your onboarding process
  • How our compliance tools are kept up to date quarterly with the latest legislation as standard


Practice Success Manager, Sage

Nabeel Khan

Nabeel Khan has an extensive background in cloud transformation and an array of skills which he used to assist accountants in not only navigating the world software but also making the correct business decision to ensure they are compliant within there day to day workflow.

Thanks to his industry knowledge and a detailed understanding of the customers needs, issues and goals, Nabeel has been integral to helping accountants find value within their business.