10am-10:30pm (GMT) 21st March 2024

The A-Z of Client Onboarding

From Pricing All The Way To Compliance


Discover how to onboard your clients, from pricing to engagement letter compliance.

Create pricing & proposals that stand out - simplify the process so your whole team can price new prospects.

Join Jack to learn:

  • The onboarding solution designed to be easy enough for your most inexperienced team member to use with your most complex client
  • How to present your prices with confidence using GoProposal
  • Why clients will love their onboarding experience, from proposal to compliance


Senior Sales Manager, GoProposal by Sage

Jack Choppin

As a Practice Success Manager at GoProposal & OverSuite, Jack works alongside accounting businesses to help revolutionise the way that they price their services and engage with their clients.

He has 7 years of experience working with accountants, showing them how they can bring confidence and consistency to their sales and compliance processes.