10:00am-11:00am (GMT) 22nd May 2024

The tech stack of a firm owner working just 5 billable company hours

Software shouldn’t be there to overwhelm you. When used correctly, it should be taking the administrative tasks off your hands, not adding to them.

That’s what it did for Stephen Edwards, who now works just 5 billable company hours per week in his firm!

We’ve pinned Stephen down to share his secrets at 10am (BST) on 22 May.


  • Stephen's client onboarding strategies and how they empower his team to set clear expectations for every client
  • Insights that enable you to work less in your business and dedicate more time to strategic growth
  • The pivotal role technology plays in accounting firms that have improved their efficiency overall


Senior Client Success Manager, GoProposal by Sage

Chris Johnson

As a Senior Client Success Manager at GoProposal by Sage, Chris works alongside accounting businesses to help revolutionise the way they price their services and engage with their clients.

With over 3 years' experience under his belt, he’s adept at showing accountants how they can bring confidence and consistency to their sales and compliance processes. 

Owner, CTA Accountants

Stephen Edwards

Accounting Entrepreneur Stephen Edwards walks the walk when it comes to creating freedom in your business. As owner of CTA Accountants, he works just 5 billable hours a week within the business thanks to his Profit First method.

Passionate about helping entrepreneurs graduate from ‘job’ to ‘business owner,’ he’s the best person to teach you how to scale a business that isn’t dependent on you.