Price consistently & eliminate scope creep

GoProposal enables accounting businesses to price consistently,
agree on fees collaboratively & manage the scope continually.

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Speed-Up Your Proposal & Fee Review Process

With a slick, streamlined & integrated system that you can complete in under 3 minutes

Confidently present your services & precise service levels

Instantly calculate fees based on a consistent pricing system

Instantly produce professional proposals & fee reviews

Instantly generate letters of engagement & service schedules

Enable the client to digitally accept it instantly

Trigger your invoicing, workflows, payments & onboarding system

Do you over-service & undercharge your clients?

GoProposal ensures that you never do more than you get paid for, helps you communicate the full value you can provide to your clients & enables you to command the fees you deserve.

Price Consistently

Get paid for ALL the hard work you do, with a consistent & transparent pricing platform that everyone can easily use for every client.

Agree on Fees More Confidently

Confidently agree on fees collaboratively with your clients and produce instant, professional proposals & letters of engagement.

Manage Scope Continually

Clearly communicate to your clients EXACTLY what they're getting and what that costs and as their needs or circumstances change, amend in seconds.

Client Stories

“Wow!!! GoProposal has been a real catalyst for change in my business.”

Marie Donaldson | Founder of Fresh Clarity Accounting

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Key features that make pricing and selling your services so simple

Pre-Loaded Prices & Services

We pre-load your app with proven pricing, services & descriptions for you to edit and amend.

Consistent Pricing

Achieve consistent pricing based on logical factors, service levels & complex calculations.

Client-Facing Experience

Easily and quickly agree the fees whilst you’re with the client. Your team will willingly want to use this.

Professional Proposals

Save time and wow your clients by automatically producing instant proposals, designed to convert.

Dynamic Letters of Engagement

Produce fully compliant Letters of Engagement instantly, automatically & dynamically generated.

Digital Signatures

Get your clients to digitally sign your Letters of Engagement, with OnTheSpot™ acceptance.

Client Stories

“GoProposal has made me an additional £30,000 this year.”

Euan Brown | Owner of Total Accounting

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